South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

Kazakhstan is the best choice for students who are willing to take the medical course. The country offers international students with all facilities to complete the course. After successful completion of the course, designed for 5 years, students are rewarded with the globally recognized MBBS degree. The students also get the opportunity to do an internship at large healthcare institutions, so that they can continue their professional schedule.




Kazakhstan prefers the international student community in which Indian students are the most enrolled. Every year many students sign up for the MBBS program. There are many reasons for choosing Kazakhstan as a destination for studying MBBS:


1. The admission process is short and transparent with a quick response.
2. The universities offer the best facilities. It has a canteen that offers Indian food, groceries, mobile stores, two-wheelers, bicycles, banks, ATMs and much more. Students do not have to go outside for any work whatsoever.
3. There are a large number of specialized medical personnel, many of whom have become senior leaders in national health management and famous medical experts.
4. Easy access to national medical universities.
5. The cost of living in Khachstan is very low compared to other countries, which saves money.
6. WHO, MCI, IMED, and GMC have recognized the best medical universities.
7. Connected internships at leading medical institutions and hospitals.
8. It offers MBBS course at cheaper rates compared to India.
9. It has approximately 10+ large and modern affiliated hospitals, where students can practice during their internship.





Many universities in Kazakhstan are engaged in medical courses and are trying to do their best to help their students. These universities are world famous and are known for offering their students the best medical education.

1. Kazakh National Medical University: Kazakh NMU is the number 1 medical university in the country. With more than 11,000 students and a faculty of 1,500, the university is committed to providing continuing education in medicine and pharmacy.
2. International Kazakh Turkish University: The combination of the Turkish community and the Kazakh community has laid the foundation for this international university. The university facilitates simple admissions for students or foreign origin, together with the medium of the course that is given in English.
3. Astana Medical University: Astana Medical University is one of the largest medical universities in Kazakhstan. Astana Medicinal University was founded in 1964. For many years, the university has been ranked as one of the leading medical universities in Kazakhstan
4. South Kazakh Medical Academy: South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is one of the largest medical universities in Kazakhstan. Medicinal University was founded in 1979. This medical university is approved by both MCI approved medical colleges in Kazakhstan and the WHO.



The MBBS in Kazakhstan for the Indian student composition depends on the university. The estimated medical course rates range from 14 lakhs to 23 lakhs for the entire medical course in the top MCI approved universities.